Property Inventory Management

A fully comprehensive property inventory to give both landlords and tenants peace of mind

We Create Accurate Reports...

Your properties need to have all contents accounted for and documented. In the worst case scenario, a lack of proper inventory documentation could cause legal complications for you so it’s best to keep yourself protected with an accurate and comprehensive property inventory system.

Our property inventory service consists of a complete property inspection, where we outline all of the contents within & their current condition. We have a full inspection checklist that we go through in every single property and will feedback our professional advice on improvements and issues to be addressed.

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...So You Don't Have To

Our inspections will ensure that potential conflicts with your tenants are prevented or at the very least minimised as much as possible. It also aims to give you confidence that your property will be returned in the same condition (apart from general wear and tear) at the end of a tenancy.

With over 20 years of experience inspecting properties, we know how important it is to go the extra mile . We consider the details that often get missed, such as carbon alarm fittings and will report with full evidence. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with inventory keeping or are in need of an inventory service for an upcoming inspection, Dependable can help.

Claire Morgan – Chappell And Mathews

“I have worked alongside Ben and his team now for over 6 months and I can not recommend him highly enough. Nothing is ever too much trouble or a problem. He is always on hand to help and advise in any way he can with his extensive knowledge and his fantastic attitude towards his work and clients. A big thank you to Ben and his team for all your hard work and help!”

Jodie Fraser – Fraser Allen Estate Management

“Dependable have been contracted for various works at the blocks of flats that we manage, including cleaning, gardening, decorating and general repairs. We have always been impressed at their professionalism, quick response and understanding of the clients needs. Their work is always carried out with care and to a high standard.”

Paul Connolly – Basilica Construction

“We have been dealing with Ben & his Team at Dependable for around 3 years now. I have to say its been a pleasure to work alongside a trustworthy, conscientious & hard working outfit. They are on the ball, polite and very responsive to their clients needs. I cant give enough praise to these guys and hope to continue our working relationship for many years to come.”

Kelly Hyett – F1rst Move Limited

“I have been working with Dependable Ltd for many years now and their work is always top class. They are always very professional to work with and they always ensure that the work is carried out with the upmost care and detail.”

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