Dependable Limited are looking for a Full Time Groundskeeper to look after various estates across Wiltshire for our clients.

Dependable Limited are looking for a Groundskeeper

Are you responsible for running a block of flats, either as a landlord or as part of a management company?


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The damage a fire can cause both financially and to human life can be devastating. (more…)

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Are you thinking about investing in property? Many people will be thinking about investing in property as an extra income on top of their regular job.

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Block management is the organisation of maintaining a block or an estate of living spaces, usually flats.

What is Block Management?

It’s probably more important now than ever to look out and care for your elderly parents. (more…)

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Selling a house can be incredibly tough. The first bit of advice we would give to you is that sometimes it just takes a bit of time.

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Property inspections are an essential part of letting for a landlord. You want to know how well your tenants are looking after what is, after all, your investment. (more…)

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Letting agents and property managers are hired to preserve the value of a property and represent the owner with tenants.

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A property is probably the largest asset you will ever own. Therefore without proper care and attention it can degrade and end up costing you a lot of money in repairs and fixes. (more…)

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