Choosing the Right Plants for Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Creating a garden with an abundance of plants can often achieve a sense of pride and is a good reflection of your property. Not everyone will have the time or the means to upkeep their grounds, especially if they want or have a large amount of plants, but luckily you can find many low effort flowers or shrubs to surround your property with. Low maintenance garden plants are harder to kill, will last longer and don’t require over complicated pruning or feeding – ideal for those among us that want aesthetic landscapes but don’t have the time or inclination to care for them! 

In this article, we will cover how to choose some low maintenance plants for easy grounds maintenance, which low maintenance plants to invest in and offer you some top tips for creating a successful low maintenance landscape!

How to choose low maintenance garden plants

The best place to find low maintenance garden plants is at your local garden centre. When choosing what plants you’d like, look for terms such as ‘drought tolerant’, ‘pest resistant’, ‘self-seeding’ and ‘easy care’ as these are key indicators of a low maintenance plant. 

On your search, look out for perennials and evergreens. Perennial plants live for several years and come back year after year, often larger and with more vibrancy. Evergreen plants last all year round, continuously growing leaves as others fall off, reducing the need for replanting each season. 

Like perennials, self-sowing plants such as poppies will also return year after year, dropping seeds in your garden before they die and germinating on their own the following year, making it a great addition to your low maintenance garden. Plants such as lavender and Russian sage are also perfect to look out for as they are drought resistant, meaning that there is no need for constant back-breaking watering. 

Low maintenance garden plants

Now you know how to choose some low maintenance garden plants, you’ll probably need some examples so you know what you’re looking for. There are so many different low maintenance plants to choose from that will add a blossom of colour to your landscape or garden that you, your tenants or guests will highly admire.

Bulb plants 

Plants that are grown from a bulb, such as daffodils, tulips, lilies, snowdrops, crocuses, nerines and alliums, will serve you with colour throughout the spring and even the whole year if you choose to add all the different types. There is also little watering and no pruning required, making these plants the top choice for your low maintenance landscape.


Wildflowers are a great choice if you have poor soil, and they have the added bonus of being incredibly easy to maintain! All you have to do is buy the wildflower mix and sprinkle it across a flowerbed or a patch of lawn, and you will soon have a blossom of wildflowers including daisies, cornflowers, bellflowers, betony and more – without having to worry about feeding or watering them.


English lavender thrives in our cooler climate and is a staple in herb gardens all over the country. It’s easy to maintain with little watering required, and will only need to be pruned once a year. Aside from making your landscape look pretty, it smells divine, and can also be used for bath mixes, teas and cocktails!

Hedges and shrubs

If you want to have denser plants to fill your garden or landscape space, hedges and shrubs are the way to go. Think about adding holly, yew, mahonias, pittosporum or shrub roses as they will add colour and greenery, need little to no pruning and don’t require watering.

Tips for creating a low maintenance landscape

Luckily, there are a lot of different easy garden designs and ideas that you can implement to reduce the time and effort maintaining your grounds. To add to the list of low maintenance plants, you can also add other components to accommodate the overall look of your landscape and ensure easy grounds maintenance. 

Use large pots, containers and planters to keep your plants in. Bigger pots are easier to water and look after than smaller pots as they’re grouped together and won’t dry out as quickly. They are also perfect for gardens and landscapes that don’t have much soil.

Swap lawn for decking. If you have a small area of soil or grass, consider changing this to gravel or a decking area to help save the time of cutting grass. 

Lastly, to make things easier, limit the number of plants you select and group and repeat them over multiple areas in your landscape. This creates a professional look as well as making it easier to care for your plants as you’ll have less regimes to remember.

Need help with your grounds maintenance?

At Dependable, we have a range of grounds maintenance services available. From pruning, weeding and cultivating shrubs and bushes, to cleaning and tidying communal and open spaces, our team can provide you with any service needed to assist you in your low maintenance landscape journey.

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