A conversation with Dependable director Ben Head

At the start of the month, Dependable director Ben Head sat down with Total Swindon to discuss everything from growth plans, to site maintenance, to favourite social media platforms. The article can be read in full below or on the Total Swindon website:

It’s June and we’re half way through the year – it’s also officially the first month of Summer and we’ve just had a long weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. What does this month mean for you and your business? Today we’re talking to Ben Head, who is a director of Dependable Limited, a facility management company with its head office in Chippenham.

June is the first month of Summer – what will you be doing this summer in your role?

It will be all “hands on” deck with maintaining sites as it’s very much the growing season! I’m hoping to grow the business at the same time with new sites coming on stream and also carrying out more general maintenance works for our clients.

What are your personal plans for the summer?

Trying to get away on holiday would be great!

June is often associated in nature with growth and abundance – what are your plans for growth?

Searching for new employees, trying to win more business and helping grow the business – these are all summer goals for us.

As we hit this midpoint of 2022– which one business has really supported or helped you over the last quarter?

Not one but several!

CMG/HLM/Fraser Allen/HML Group/Pinnacle/Blenheims/Warwick have all really helped us grow and been very supportive

June 1 to 7 this year is Volunteers Week – do you volunteer or give back in your business?

We don’t volunteer within the business but we do give a percentage of our monthly profits to Cancer Research.

June 30 is Social Media Day – what does social media mean to you and your business? What are your favourite social media platforms?

We are on most social media platforms, but we really like LinkedIn and Instagram. These sites are all things that help us grow and keep in touch with various organisations, without actually speaking to each of them.

And finally:

There are a lot of people who are experiencing tough times, not just in the UK but throughout the world.

We always try to ensure whatever we do we do it with a smile, a smile at a stranger and a “Good Morning” can make all the difference!