Making the Most Of Your Patio and Outside Spaces During Autumn/Winter

As tempting as it might be to fully neglect your outdoor spaces during the autumn and winter months, but ignoring your stone or porcelain patio paving could accumulate stains and damage that can’t be reversed. Regularly planned maintenance can prevent this and ensure your outside spaces remain an inviting place throughout the year.

Here’s our quick tips on how to maintain your patio during the autumn and winter months.

General maintenance

Removing plant pots can help reduce stains and mess on hard surfaces as they will be concealing a build-up of plant matter and dirt. Once removed, this provides an opportunity to thoroughly clean the whole area using a jet wash or professional cleaning service. Once the patio has been cleaned and is dry, place the pots in a new area to prevent permanent staining from occurring, or put them on a raised ledged or replace with footed pots.

Be sure to store away any outdoor furniture that isn’t weather-proof to protect it from the harsh winter weather. If there isn’t suitable storage, invest in some furniture covers and tie them down to ensure they stay covered through wind and rain. Once the patio furniture is covered or tidied away, clear any leaves, branches, moss or weeds to be sure the debris doesn’t mark the paving in colder weather.

Seal cracks to prevent frost damage

For patio flooring, any existing cracks will worsen in cold weather, so it’s important to fill in any cracks you can with a paving filler. It’s important to note this will only be suitable for smaller cracks, larger cracks will need to be addressed professionally by replacing the damaged parts of the flooring. At Dependable, we can help with all areas of outdoor ground maintenance, so please give us a call if this is something you need assistance with.

Add outdoor lighting for dark nights

With the sun setting earlier and earlier, it may already be dark when your staff members leave the office, or when tenants are trying to leave the property in the morning for work. Adding lights around the area will not only be a safer environment for your employees or tenants, but can also make it feel like a nicer place to work or live.

At Dependable, we can install outdoor lighting to your specification; whether it’s simply for health and safety purposes to light the path, or decorative lighting to create a nicer ambience, get in touch today for assistance.

Protect your patio with awning

For added protection for your patio against the elements, you can invest in an awning; a retractable cover that provides shade and shelter for your patio, that also doubles as a cover for your guests. Awnings protect your patio from water damage caused by heavy rains, which in turn can prevent further freezing and cracking. You’ll see year-long benefits with an awning, as it can protect your patio from harmful UV damage during the summer too.

At Dependable, we understand your outside spaces are seen first by your visitors, customers, employees and potential tenants; whether you like it or not, their first impression is built off what they see outside your building or property. Especially during the winter months, keeping on top of the maintenance of your outside spaces can prevent long term damage, and help improve safety for your tenants and employees.

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