A quick guide on presenting your home for tenant viewings

We all know that first impressions count, especially when trying to advertise your home to potential new tenants. Currently, in the UK there are 13 million people that privately rent their home, so you have a lot of competition from other landlords in the area to make your property stand out. Enter: the tenant viewing. 

An essential part of the rental process is the viewing, and it is your prime opportunity to ensure that your property attracts tenants. Luckily, at Dependable we are here to help with a quick guide on how to present your home for tenant viewings. 

What are tenant viewings?

Tenant viewings are scheduled appointments during which potential tenants visit a rental property to inspect it and determine whether it will work for them. These viewings provide an opportunity for prospective renters to physically explore the property, assess its condition, layout, and features, and get a sense of whether it aligns with their requirements and expectations. 

During a tenant viewing, a landlord or letting agent typically guides the prospective tenants through the property, answering questions and providing relevant information about the rental terms and application process. 

Tenant viewings are a critical step in the tenant selection process and are usually arranged after initial inquiries or applications have been submitted by interested individuals.

How to present your property for a tenant viewing

By the viewing stage, your property will have already been photographed and added to the rental market, and applications to view the property have been collected through this initial advertisement. However this doesn’t mean that the work is over!

It can be difficult to ensure that the property looks its best if there are already tenants living there, so be sure to give them plenty of warning so that they can quickly tidy up if they need to. But, if the property is empty or you are the one currently living in the property,  there are a number of things that you can do to prepare your property for a viewing.

Curb appeal

First impressions of your home start before your prospective tenants walk through the door. Regardless of how nice the inside is, if your property isn’t aesthetically pleasing and clean from the road, many viewers will be put off before they even see the inside. Maintaining the grounds outside the front of the property, and ensuring that your gutters are clean, pathways are clear and external paint is looking nice is an important step in creating that positive first impression.

Once inside, consider taking a methodical approach, tackling one room at a time. Focus on crucial aspects like the layout, cleanliness, and functionality of each space. By looking at the property from the tenants’ perspective, you can optimise its appeal without expending excessive effort, achieving a comprehensive makeover from top to bottom.

The kitchen

Before showing your place to potential tenants, make sure your kitchen is in top shape. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so be prepared for your viewers to take a thorough look at it. 

Clear off any clutter from the countertops, and make sure to give the oven a good clean, either yourself or professionally, as tenants often like to peek inside. Give the fridge and washing machine a quick wipe-down to get rid of any smudges or sticky spots. And, remember, a nice scent can go a long way, so consider using some air fresheners or reed diffusers to make the space feel inviting and cosy.

The living room

If your property is currently furnished, there are easy tips and tricks that you can follow to make your habitable rooms, such as the living room and bedrooms, more desirable to potential tenants. For example, think about how your furniture is currently positioned. If you were to rearrange it, could it give the illusion of more space? Clearing unnecessary clutter also helps to make it look like the room is bigger than it is.

Make sure the furniture looks and smells clean. The smell of cleaning products and furniture polish can help to give the impression that the home is well looked after, but make sure not to overdo it, or the smell will be overpowering. Plump your cushions and straighten the curtains if you have them, and you can even create a relaxing atmosphere by leaving the light on. However, if it is extremely bright outside, it’s probably OK to skip this step.

The bathroom

A sparkling clean bathroom with a pristine bath, hand basin, and toilet is a must for creating the right impression, so make sure to throw away any half-used soap and clean off any toothpaste scum from the sink. If you’ve got tiled surfaces, make sure both the tiles and the grout are spotless. And don’t forget to be ready for questions about the hot water and heating system; it’s even better if you have an info card on display!

The bedrooms

Moving on to the bedrooms. They need to be clean and well-presented. Make sure that the beds are made nicely and take the opportunity to add some cushions for an extra touch. Ensure any personal items and clutter is tidied away.


When it comes to security, it’s essential to check that all the door and window locks are working correctly. Even in a safe neighbourhood, most tenants appreciate security features like gates, alarms and well-maintained fences. 

How Dependable can help

At Dependable, we offer a wide range of hard and soft facilities management services, including property management to make sure that you keep on top of your rental property maintenance.

Our grounds maintenance and commercial cleaning services are on hand to ensure that your properties are presented in the best way possible when hosting tenant viewings.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and discover how we can help you.