The Benefits of Professional Grounds Maintenance Services for Commercial Properties

Maintaining the appearance of a commercial property can be time consuming and stressful, especially if there are large gardens or multiple grounds to look after. Curb appeal is important, so it is vital that the grounds of your property are clean and tidy, with grass mowed and plants well-watered.

With all this to think about, it might be worth considering hiring a ground maintenance team to look after the aesthetics of your facility – especially if you own numerous properties. But what are the benefits of professional grounds maintenance teams?


As we’ve already said, curb appeal is an incredibly important factor of your property. Who would want to live/ work in/ rent out somewhere if the grounds are overgrown and not cared for? On the other hand, an attractive property with well-maintained landscaping will create a good first impression for any visitors or potential customers. 

Increase property value

Similarly, a tidy and well kept garden can work wonders for increasing the value of your property. Maintaining commercial properties diligently can significantly enhance their market value compared to neglected ones. Additionally, a well-maintained property has a greater ability to attract a larger pool of prospective buyers and tenants. By investing in professional grounds maintenance services, businesses can effectively elevate their property’s value and appeal, ultimately attracting a wider range of potential customers.

Save time and money

I know it sounds contradictory, but hiring a grounds maintenance company can actually save you money. By hiring a company to undertake your grounds maintenance for you, you save the time and money you’d spend hiring and training an in-house team. As well as this, keeping on top of your grounds maintenance regularly will help to keep the costs down, as it will be a smaller project.

Ensure Safety

Poorly maintained grounds and gardens can be a health hazard for employees, tenants or visitors. By having a professional team in charge of looking after your outside spaces, you can ensure that your property is safe and compliant with all laws and regulations.

Improve environmental responsibility

Most grounds maintenance companies offer sustainable practices as part of their service, such as conserving water and using organic fertilisers and eco-friendly equipment. This can help property owners and businesses to reduce their environmental impact and demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility.

What is included in grounds maintenance?

The services offered by grounds maintenance firms vary from company to company, however most tend to include:

  • Grass cutting and edging/General lawn maintenance
  • Tree works
  • Pruning, weeding and cultivating shrubs and bushes
  • Hedge cutting and maintenance
  • Maintenance of sports pitches and playing fields
  • Patio washing/maintenance of hard services
  • Horticultural planting and displays
  • Cleaning and tidying of communal/open spaces

How Dependable can help

At Dependable, we offer a range of grounds maintenance services to public and private sector clients. From a simple lawn cut and hedge maintenance, all the way to specialist treatment of irrigation systems and the precise maintenance of sports pitches, we’re able to help with your requirements.

We can provide you with a professional grounds maintenance team to maintain the outside spaces of your properties, even on short notice. Get in touch today to understand more of our grounds maintenance and landscaping services and to discuss your requirements.