The Top Security Measures You Need For Your Block of Flats

If you are managing a block of flats, it’s vital your building is secure and safe for all tenants at all times. The last thing you want are complaints or break-ins because of poor security measures, and can even create a loss of trust between you and your tenants. Insurers are also more likely to charge higher premiums for buildings insurance on block of flats if the security doesn’t meet their specific criteria.

Although there are fewer points of entry to a flat, they still need to be as protected as possible. In this article, we’ll go through the best way to keep your block of flats secure, from the best flat alarms, to flat security systems and top tips.

CCTV System

If you’re serious about security in your block of flats, it may be time to look at your CCTV system. If it’s on its last legs or outdated by several years, it’s probably time to think about an upgrade.

In the event of a crime, CCTV is usually the most reliable way of catching offenders. In areas which are poorly lit, such as parking areas or rear of buildings, consider installing CCTV with night vision capabilities. When it comes to the rest of the building, CCTV cameras should be placed in key areas where crime could be captured, like the entrance of the building, hallways, outside front doors, and at every exit.

Motion Sensor Detectors

Motion sensors are a security feature which go hand in hand with your CCTV system. Motion detectors can be put in place as a way of steering crime away if they trigger a light to turn on when movement is detected. Pair this with CCTV cameras and a good view of the scene due to the lights coming on, any potential criminals will be clearly spotted.

Communal Entry Door

The communal door to your block of flats is only effective if it is closed and secure, so always remember to periodically check that the locks are catching properly and working correctly. 

The ideal communal door will be strong, security accredited and fitted with a robust self-closing arm and magnetic locks at the top and bottom. However it’s important that communal doors automatically open (and remain open) in the event of a fire and are also fitted with buttons/handles that allow you to manually override if required.

It’s also a good idea to notify your tenants that they shouldn’t buzz anyone in that they don’t know – even if the visitor says that they’re expected by another resident. The best communal door system as recommended by the police is one that has both audio and video entry systems, allowing residents to see and talk to visitors before letting them in.

Key Fobs

If you’re looking to implement even tighter security on communal entrances, we recommend giving tenants personalised security key fobs that track who is leaving and entering the property. 

Each flat will have its own key plus one or two security key fobs for common entrances depending on the number of occupants. If a tenant happens to lose theirs, then it will be on them to pay (usually £10/£20) for a replacement.

When it comes to multiple occupancy buildings, you never know who’s coming and going, which is why we advise giving key fobs to your tenants for front and rear doors to the building.

Replace Your Doors and Locks

If you’ve never replaced your doors then they may be the original doors from when the flats were built, and not very sturdy. Or they may have suffered some rough handling from previous tenants. Either way, it’s probably a good idea to consider replacing the doors in your building to provide your tenants with extra security. If you feel like going the extra mile, you could invest in a uPVC door which has an inbuilt locking system, meaning you won’t also have to worry about buying separate locks for each door.

It’s also important that you change the locks to each flat when tenants leave, so that you and the new tenants are the only ones with access. This is where key fobs on communal entrances really come in handy, as these don’t need to be changed whenever someone leaves providing all key fobs are collected beforehand.

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