Planned Maintenance: What Is It and What Are the Benefits

What is planned preventive maintenance?

Planned maintenance, also known as Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM), is maintenance work scheduled to be completed on a regular basis. It aims to help avoid the expense of responding to failures and emergencies at the last minute, and allows you to proactively maintain the condition of your property. The main objective of planned maintenance is to maximise the performance and lifespan of equipment in your property, without the equipment failing or breaking down unexpectedly.

What are the benefits of planned maintenance?

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) helps to preserve the condition of a property by avoiding failures or breakdowns while also preventing problems from occurring. The main benefits of PPM include:

  • Potential issues are identified and can be addressed before they develop further, minimising repair costs as opposed to the cost of emergency reactive fixes
  • Value is added to your property, as planned maintenance ensures it never enters a state of disrepair
  • Health and safety compliance is ensured as planned maintenance will remove major health and safety risks

Examples of planned maintenance

A common misconception about planned preventive maintenance is that it is an unnecessary cost. However, you could risk losing thousands in rental income due to your property entering an uninhabitable condition without regular maintenance, and in some cases planned maintenance is required by law.

Various planned maintenance activities include:

What is planned maintenance’s role in a property maintenance plan?

There are four steps to a successful property maintenance plan: inspection, detection, correction, and prevention. Inspections ensure all equipment is operating at an optimal level, while issues are detected and corrected before they progress to a worse state. An effective property maintenance plan that includes planned preventive maintenance will ensure that asset failure is prevented.

Planned preventive maintenance reduces the unnecessary costs associated with reactive maintenance while also preserving the underlying value of your property. If you think it is expensive, just imagine what a major unprecedented problem could cost. Not to mention the loss of profit if your building is rendered (no pun intended!) uninhabitable.

If you need help with organising planned maintenance, or any aspect of your property maintenance plan, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.